Food & Beverages

URT Food & Beverages is a group of Luxury Restaurants. We have 12 brands and 16 restaurants around the Middle East.

Brioche Dorée is a French chain of Bakery/Café restaurants founded in 1976 and originally started in Brest. The company was founded by Louis Le Duff, current president of Groupe Le Duff.

  • Gulf Mall, Vendome Mall (Opening September 2021)

The Rice Room opened at the Food Court of then newly opened Gulf Mall in Al Garaffa area. They are the first restaurant to offer Vietnamese cuisines in Qatar.

  • Gulf Mall, DFC

Stack Burger is a modern spot built on the need for a truly good burger in Qatar. They specialise in freshly made 100% black Angus beef burgers, golden-cut fries with special home-made sauces and buns that will tickle and surprise your taste buds.

  • Gulf Mall, Al Aziziya, Vendome Mall (Opening September 2021)
Evviva is a restaurant located in Qatar, serving a selection of Italian that delivers across Al Markhiya, Al Luqta and Al Gharrafa.
  • Gulf Mall
Kumar. The pinnacle of Indian cuisine. Serving a selection of delicious flavors of Indian cuisine with global dishes and ingredients.
  • Vendome Mall (Opening September 2021)
Spice Republic is a restaurant located in Qatar, serving a selection of Indian that delivers across Al Markhiya, Al Luqta and Al Gharrafa. Their best selling dishes are Chicken Biryani, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like Main Course.
  • Gulf Mall

Tuile is a renowned name that carries its uniqueness and committed to expanding globally. It is Food & Dining that it promotes and develops; with a combination of traditional and modern values.

  • Villaggio Mall - Qatar, Almouj - Oman, Dalma Mall - UAE, Vendome Mall (Opening September 2021)

Kashta is a modern cafeserving traditional Qatari dishes with a contemporary twist. A house specialty of Kashta is the traditional house-made karak variations and delicious,
wholesome breakfast dishes.

  • Gulf Mall, Villaggio Mall, Vendome Mall (Opening September 2021)

Wrap it will reinvent the dining experience for individuals, families, and take out customers by selling high quality fresh products at an affordable price, delectable tasteful, convenient locations and providing excellent customer service.

  • Villaggio Mall, Landmark Mall, D F C, Gulf Mall, Vendome Mall (Opening September 2021)

It all came together with a bang and a buzz in April 2003. And Jar has roused the passion of New Yorkers and dessert adoring people around the world.

  • Landmark Mall

SOHO’ve always been passionate about serving the very best organic, Fairtrade coffee since day one. It’s how so many of us start our day, so we want everyone to have the best kick-start to their morning.

  • Landmark Mall, Vendome Mall (Opening September 2021)

Introducing the specialty and deliciousness of Pablo’s cheese tart that has created a “cheesecake revolution” where you can choose how to bake!

  • Vendome Mall (Opening September 2021)